Aircraft Refueling

(Jet-A and Avgas/100LL fuel products)

Epic Jet Center is an authorized Shell/Eastern Aviation fuel branded FBO.

With extensive fuel provider training, audit and quality control assurance, our operation meets the rigorous requirements in being certified as a Shell Aviation FBO.

Aircraft Detailing

Epic Jet Center is proud to provide our Aircraft Detail services! We are prepared to assist you in maintaining the beauty and polish in your aircraft! Our qualified technicians and aircraft detail operation provides: Aircraft Exterior and Interior detail services, Brightwork restorative services and aircraft trip ready preparation.

Let us prepare your aircraft and present a first class finish for you and your passengers when flying on board. Whether you desire a one-time cleaning, or regularly scheduled services, give us a call at (661) 399-7011 to discuss your needs!

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Looking to purchase or sell your aircraft? How about selling in an effort to upgrade to your new jet? Epic Jet Center is proud to assist you with your sales & acquisitions needs. From researching available inventory, valuing the price of your aircraft to listing your aircraft and delivering the sale for you, our service works hard to represent you and your aircraft throughout this process! Contact us at (661) 399-7011 to discuss your needs!

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Management & Maintenance

Owning an aircraft requires detailed oversight and adherence to aircraft compliance standards. Our experience extends into many areas of aircraft management ensuring your aircraft is well maintained and compliant. From trip scheduling, aircraft detailing and maintenance tracking, let Epic Jet Center perform the services for your peace of mind! Your job is to enjoy your asset ensuring it is safe and ready to fly.

Our operation provides aircraft management services for single engine up to turbo-jet aircraft. All while benefiting from operating within our first class FBO facility located at Bakersfield, Meadows Field (BFL).

Benefits of Aircraft Management:

  • Fuel Discount and Hangar Storage Discount within our Facility
  • Trip planning and scheduling
  • Aircraft maintenance tracking and performance to ensure aircraft safety and compliance.
  • Crew scheduling and training
  • Aircraft detail and trip ready preparation services
  • On demand concierge services available for all your trip needs.

Aircraft Charter

It’s FUN to FLY!! Whether traveling for leisure or business, Epic Jet Center FBO is an excellent facility to present to your passengers. With first amenities and plane side service, Epic Jet Center is available to service all your future trips! Need a quote for your next aircraft charter? Epic Jet Center is proud to affiliate and present first class aircraft charter services out of our facility. Contact us at (661) 399-7011 for your next trip!

Executive Terminal

Epic Jet Center features a beautiful, well presented Executive Terminal that features:

  • First Class Executive Terminal handling incoming arrivals and departures into Meadows Field.
  • (2) passenger and pilot lounges
  • Crew Sleep Areas, for all day and emergency medical team arrivals
  • Shower facilities on site
  • Pilot Flight Planning and trip preparation
  • Full Kitchen for catering preparation for your flight
  • Spacious Conference Room available for meeting and training.
  • Full suite of amenities while you wait to include complimentary snacks, ice cream, coffee and water while you wait!

Hangar Storage

(Based Tenant Hangar Storage, Transient Availability)

Epic Jet Center offers available hangar space for your aircraft. If you are located in the Bakersfield, CA area, Epic Jet Center offers first class community and private, individual hangar space.

Office Spaces

Individual office suites available for lease in Executive Terminal. Amenities include:

  • Office size range from 200 square feet to 1,800 square feet
  • Office suites feature internet and phone hookup
  • Customer Service desk available for customer receipt and invitation to office suites
  • Conference room availability for all based clients
  • First class restroom facilities available on first and second floors